AGIR Retirement & Health Insurance

We are an independent broker that researches and selects leading business insurances, pension plan and health insurers to ensure that our clients receive the best advice and policies that satisfy their requirements and respect French Labor Law agreements.

Our services

In addition to providing advice to professional clients who do not have private medical insurance, we can also provide a free review of your current situation or a renewal quotation.

Health & Disability Insurance Plan

The purpose of these contracts is to improve Health and Disability coverage reimbursements :

  • Medical expense reimbursements
  • Compensation in case of Short-Term & Long-Term Disability, Death
  • Compensation in case of a loss of a key employee
Supplementary Pension Plan

The purpose of these contracts is to improve pensions :

  • For employees, Payout in individual annuity (Company-based Collective Retirement Savings Plan – “PER Entreprise Collectif”, “PER Entreprise Obligatoire”)
  • End of Career Severance Payment (“IFC”)
  • For company owners, Payout in individual annuity (either periodic payments for a lifetime or a lumpsum payment) (Individual Retirement Savings Plan – “PER individuel”)
Professional Liability Insurance

Including Professional Malpractice Insurance, Errors & Omissions…

Property Insurance

To cover your office equipment and furniture

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